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Headaches have many different triggers and causes.

Headache Australia identifies over 20 types of headache which can have varying causes.

A common physical symptom experienced by individuals with Irlen Syndrome is headache often triggered by brightly lit environments or strain when trying to visually concentrate.

Irlen spectral lenses may reduce severity and incidence of headaches when diagnosed appropriately. Signs which may indicate that headaches are related to Irlen syndrome include:

  • Bothered by glare and bright environments which often leads to headaches
  • Headaches triggered from visually intensive concentration
  • Difficulty looking and stripes and patterns
  • Headache, dizziness or nausea when reading
  • Feeling fatigued and suffering headache after most days at school/work

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All headaches should be investigated by a medical professional to rule out some of the serious causes such as TIA, aneurysm, brain tumour, stroke, high blood pressure or other pathologies. Any individual experiencing headaches in relation to reading should have their eyes checked by an optometrist to check eye health and adjust any optical corrections which may be necessary.




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