Light Sensitivity

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Sensitivity to glare and brightly lit environments is called photophobia.

Photophobia may present as eye strain and physical symptoms such as headache and migraine when exposed to brightly lit environments. It may also present as difficulty with reading from white paper or computer screens where the contrast between the white background and the black writing is difficult to look at without strain and fatigue.

Irlen spectral lenses are able to filter out offending wavelengths of light which create stress and allow the brain to make the normal adjustments for different lighting environments.

Correctly diagnosed Irlen lenses do not ‘darken’ the environment, but reduce the brightness and allow comfortable perception of contrast between bright and dark objects.

Photophobia can also be associated with cornea abrasions, uveitis or meningitis, so seeking advice from an optometrist or doctor is advisable to rule these out if these symptoms exist.




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