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Because Irlen syndrome effects visual perception, it often directly impacts on reading, learning and writing. Irlen syndrome is more common in dyslexic people varying between 31-46% incidence, and may be a contributing factor.

(Kruk, Sumbler & Willows 2008)


Signs to look for which may indicate Irlen syndrome affecting learning include:

  • Poor comprehension
  • Misreading words
  • Difficulty tracking from line to line
  • Frequent breaks or looking away
  • Slow and hesitant reading
  • Distortions when reading including movement, blurriness and changes in brightness/colour
  • Headaches or other physical symptoms when reading
  • Eyes which burn, become strained or watery when reading
  • Fidgety and agitated body language when reading
  • Squinting or opening eyes wide open when reading
  • Increased blinking when reading
  • Inability to progress even with specialised learning programs

Irlen Spectral lenses may significantly reduce many of the distortions and symptoms experienced. This can make reading and processing of visual information much easier, increase attention and concentration for longer periods of time.

Learning deficits will then be able to be addressed as the individual is able to make sense of visual materials which are part of most learning programs without distortions and strain.


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