Spectrum Disorder / Autism

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Some individuals with Spectrum Disorder (Aspergers/autism) can suffer perceptual problems, sensory overload and light sensitivity.

Perceptual problems may include distortions which lead to strain and fatigue when reading and tracking in visual activities. Perceptual distortions may include moving, changing or disappearing elements of the visual field which can also impact on motor skills.

Signs which may indicate Irlen syndrome is part of the complex presentation of these individuals can include;

  • Looking in a series of short glances
  • Being mesmerised by colours, patterns or light
  • Looking away from visual targets
  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Squinting and looking down

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These individuals are complex and often do require a range of medical and other specialists to get the best results. For some individuals with spectrum disorder, Irlen syndrome may be a part of the complex jigsaw puzzle and help reduce the amount of visual perceptive load that is experienced.




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